Chucklehead Speaks

In May, I’m going to Mexico to ride my bike 50 miles over a mountain from Rosarito to Ensenada. I did this a few years ago and vowed never to do it again.Don’t believe a Mexican map señor.

Around the 25 mile mark just before the steepest incline, my left peddle broke. I did my best to ride up the grade but ended up walking my crippled bike up the final quarter mile to the summit. At this point, I was passed by a guy in a SpongeBob costume. SpongeBob was ahead of me! This was totally not acceptable.

Determined to reach the finish line ahead of this Cartoon Network character, I forged ahead not caring what damage I was creating to my bike and body. There was no way SpongeBob was going to beat me.

The view from the top of the mountain was stunningly beautiful. Although the fact that I’m terrified of heights, I was clinging as close to the inside of the road as humanly possible on the high speed downhill romp. Coming around a bend, there were no less than a dozen bikes sprawled out in a major wreck. My options were to either be included in this mess or ride to the left knowing there were no guard rails and a sheer drop. If SpongeBob could get around this tragedy, so could I.

Needless to say, I made it down the mountain and limped into Ensenada where the streets were filled with people cheering as I crossed the finish line to collect my medal.The best part was that I beat SpongeBob.

This year, I’m riding with a friend from Arkansas. Will Williams is his name, just like his father, his father’s father and his son.His wife put the brakes on the name when a daughter popped out.He is a towering man with determination.I tried to talk him out of competing as I spun a tale of a death, major crashes, steep inclines, sheer cliffs, and SpongeBob.Nothing was going to stop this man from riding.

So here I go again.May isn’t that far off and it’s time to get my bike tuned up and prepare my body and mind for this crazy ride.Beware SpongeBob, I’m coming back!

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