A Life Without Punctuation

by Robyn Justo ± I recently walked away from a relationship with a virtual partner, virtual in the respect that he was barely there. I ran into a good friend of his shortly after and I told her that I was truly sorry that things didn’t work out.

“Oh, no worries. It’s just a comma,” she said, a little flippantly.

“Excuse me?” I sked, feeling leveled by the comment.

She went on to explain about how it was a short relationship and that it was a mere pause in both of our lives. My ego wanted to rise up and scream, “I am NOT a comma!” I fought the urge.

I suppose it isn’t painfully uncomfortable enough to have to break away from someone you care about and have high hopes for, but then to be reduced to a comma. I mean, why not an exclamation point? And I suppose that in the bigger picture, a relatively short romantic relationship is indeed like the blink of an eye in the interest of eternity, but comma on.

A few months later this common friend (aka comma friend) asked me if I was dating anyone. I said no and was tempted to say that I was choosing to live my life without punctuation. Again I fought the urge. She had someone in mind for me, but I wasn’t really thrilled with the idea nor was I prepared for another pause.

A few weeks after that, I met a man at a casual gathering and he was interested in me. It turned out that he knew this same common friend and there had been some romantic energy and banter between them about the possibility of a relationship, but it never materialized. (Maui is a very small island and quite socially incestuous.) It brought up the ick factor quickly for me like being asked to wear a friend’s underwear, not that I ever have. Just sayin. Does that mean that she and I would be sharing a comma? Eeesh.

But it got me to thinking … how does one punctuate a relationship? Or do they punctuate (or puncture) us?

I have had many “question mark” relationships, the proverbial WTFs, the ones without answers that leave us scratching our heads.I have also had a few “periods, the end.” There is never any doubt about these.

I think my favorite might be the “etc.” kind … to be continued, more to follow, past-life, infinite future sort of hookup with someone you might meet on Match. Milky Way. Yep, come to think of it, that’s it. Enough already. No more going comma-tose.

Bring me a Starman, an enlightened interdimensional ready for etcetera, an astral adventurer, a celestial cowboy, telepathically endowed and well versed in long term and light language.
My name is Robyn and I am here on a small island called Maui on a bigger island in the sky called Earth. I shouldn’t be too hard to find, so let’s do this.

Instead of pausing for reflection time after time after time, I think I’m ready to leave the commas behind and get together for one big run-on sentence (and maybe a galaxy ride!)

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