ENCOUNTER, sympathies

by Laura Sottile — Greeter of the Human Race Continuum … IF all Two-legged could see all other Two-legged humanoids as divine expressions of oneself, we would not need to argue.

Obviously, not always an easy task to merge with those of us that have the audacity of a hershey squirt. I fear that if we don’t SEE each other life will become the proverbial Charmin roll, dispense, use, and then roll it back up freshly soiled so you are always dealing with the same crap. Don’t look away! This is who we are.

I’m walking down Saint Marks Place in NYC, not that diverse from Alvarado St. in Monterey. The Two-legged are zipping towards their ever present engagement with time. History seeps from the calloused cracks pairing with a collective psyche that has erected a market place selling dreams.

We miss the point! It’s not the STUFF!I know I love my labor saving devices until a few weeks later they wear out! Stuff is just the costume covering our quivering flesh and bone. If we look away we won’t find part of ourselves in others. I know this can be a God Send when it has hints of burnt orange.

I see this as an oasis half a foot above the metal fury. A pedestrian highway where our opportunity to smell each other, rub elbows, tell jokes, bump shoulders, meet eyes that sparkle, pretend to faint, bounce on tip toe, good-natured shoving, loiter and display of affection can happen. When we get back behind the wheel we retain the sense of flesh and bone. We can then do away with signs that say, “CARS MAY NOT STOP” and “PEDESTRIANS DON’T WEAR ARMOR!”

Linking humanness now is more essential than ever. It infuses the whole for a bigger and better us. Engaging with these fast and furious New Yorkers is an art. Hello…Good morning…Ciao…Bonjour…Hola…Zdras-tvuy-te…Salaam. I never said it was easy.
My scalp is prickling. A sure sign to take a break and shop!

“Have you got those silky gloves with no fingers in the aqua color?” A blank stare and the pitchman disappears. Returns with the exact pair I have been searching for, for weeks. Our eyes meet as I pass a $20. “You’ve got eyes as big as a blow fish! Familiar pools of blue-green water so deep they I could splash inside them and cool my fiery soul! Would you mind if I stepped in to cool off?” Geez, I thought that could at least muster up a response. No response…I feel my skin has turned inside out. I am certain I am odd to look at but compelled to show up! I extend my hand to show my gratitude and create a bridge.
“Hello my name is GHR, and you? Wait! Is that you Penny Arcay!”

Penny grins. You see how we are always watched over, looked after.
I was so intrigued finding my gloves I did recognize Penny!

“Oh great Penny Arcay how I worship you dear friend. I was having trouble sharing my dream in the Market place and I was starting to shrink… but have you finally gone mad enough to wear a disguise?”

Penny says nothing but hands me my change.
?Every moment refreshes the next one if we are awake in it.
We will need a surplus of compassion for those that really need to flush. For example, COSCO we could use a ginormous store called LUMINOSO to jump start our presently faint human sympathies.

“Come on in and rebate your soul!” Or something like that.

We have to include evil tyrants who have yellow shower fetishes. (They need us far more then they are willing to admit.)

I recommend more fun with family and friends. Observe the pink coral surrounding an adorable otter floating with ethereal buoyancy.

As foolish as it may seem, I ask you to take the fusion TEST.

While walking down the sidewalk, boardwalk, promenade, don’t look at anyone, make no contact at all, and see how your chest feels at the end of the block. Then do the next block, this time smile, see eye to eye, nod your head, tap your hat, mumble hello, hug, you get the idea. Notice how you feel now. Let me know what you discover.

This tiny pivot could whip plain white toast into deep rich chocolate add new nutty flavors into a sublime human dessert of being.

In favor of a new universal flavor!

Love GHR

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