Greeter of the Human Race continues…


GHR: “A movie is an EVENT?!”

Announcer: “It’s going to be shown in the park and projected onto the Redwood trees. It’s Robin Hood for God Sakes!”

I was simply inquiring to the announcer why was he calling it an EVENT.
I believe I, Greeter of the Human race is turning into Geek on the Street, respectively. He looked at me sideways. I even turned my head in alignment, did not help. Seems like everything is a Fu#%ing EVENT!
I’m refusing yet another external urgent itinerary. That where I am now, in this moment, is being hyped up to be a bigger and better different moment. The present moment has been dissolved. I want to feel the magical details life keeps hidden until just the right time comes to reveal them. Do not delete the overture.

It seems run of the mill, perfectly mundane routine action of the day can be considered an EVENT! If you should miss the event, you will NOT pass go and you will not collect the 200 shallow friends that networking can lavish on you.

Announcer: “An EVENT occurs one time but can last for several days.”
It sounds like a skin rash…I looked up EVENT in the Webster Dic.

Something that happens.
You see, nothing of great measure or importance. Except that we count on the EVENT to transport us to somewhere over the rainbow.
2. A noteworthy happening:
Ah yes, the stakes are rising. But how do we measure noteworthy? Noteworthy used to be of a special excellence. A notable period in universal history, including the apparent motion of the sun across the sky.

3. A social occasion or activity.
Perhaps, encountering an old friend by surprise? Could I plan for that?
An activity can be dead heading my daisies. I could make an EVENT by video taping the pretty pink dry daisy heads and display them as little seeds that ensure us that there is life after death. Could I call this an EVENT? I could add background applause.

4. The fundamental entity of observed physical reality represented by a point designated by three coordinates of place and one of time in the space-time continuum postulated by the theory of relativity.

COULD this be…could this really be!? BEING! NO! REALLY! BEING!!
JUST BEING! J UST PLAIN OLD UGLY BEING! You mean this in itself is an EVENT? YES!

I guess we could throw in some terrorism to pep things up! NO, could get messy, might not end well. Exactly, where is our imagination.

There is the possibility that the EVENT that you have been sweating over is not EVENTFUL. Eventually, this random roll of dice will turn.

Let’s create an event from the inside, an EVENT about asking our higher selves for advice. WHOA! The higher self? Is this a new age EVENT? What really is the higher self? Why do we call it the higher self? Is it just above us? Does it want to come down and hang out? Or perhaps it would rather stay above the human embroil of EVENTS. I don’t know. But, I do know when that still clear voice speaks…IT IS TRULY AN EVENT!

Something ordinary is certainly extraordinary, without needing to orchestrate. Our humble watchful eye unfolds the EVENT…a symphony of the beach.
Monterey Bay
Now that’s an EVENT!

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