You Know Better, Do Better.

by Daria James — I am not full of myself, but unlike your glass, I am half-full. Just kidding, I do not even know if you have a glass. Totally picture me putting on my sunglasses after saying that last line.

A friend of mine is learning Spanish; she said another person told her that her accent needed work. I stopped her, first of all, this is not French, accents shouldn’t matter as long as you can have a conversation. When I was learning English back in Mexico, some people would make fun of me, the same people who did not speak English or were too embarrassed to speak up. Well, ha ha ha and look at me now. Actually, maybe not, I blocked half those mofos a long time ago.
Because why keep negative energies around if you can block them out of your life? And they say Facebook is bad for you.
Some people lack the ability to focus on the positives and immediately seek the bad in the good.
Like the other day, when I compared myself to Arnold. We both came to America with no money, we learned to speak English (mostly me), we have worked hard, we both enjoy cigars, we found a beautiful spouse to procreate, and we are now living our own versions of the American dream.

Negative Nancy was quick to point out the whole maid and illegitimate son debacle. I said the man is not perfect and we do not know what happened between him and his wife. I can speculate what did not happen and led him into another woman’s arms, perhaps.

Marriage is not easy, it takes dedication and we are supposed to give a darn, it is about compromise. My husband has agreed to not leave his sweaty gym clothes in the laundry basket to stink up the room and I have agreed to not chop in the throat. I am civilized  like that. 

We will bump into some negative people. Their vision and ambitions are different from yours or if any, and their opinion is not to be taken seriously. Live your life and love without restraint… different story if you are into leather, but be you and be happy nonetheless .  

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