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Foolish Times Paper

Delivered Paper

Get the physical paper in all it's newsprint glory sent right to your house!


That's a mere $39.00 over the newsstand price. The extra charge is to bribe someone to trek to the post office and lick all those stamps. and get a beer or three along the way.
Send Check Or Money Order Made Out To:

Foolish Times

P.O. Box 4046

Monterey, CA 93942

Or if you are technologically advanced...
Allow 4-6 weeks for first delivery. No kidding. Snails are slow, man.

Digital Poser Paper

If your not from around here (here meaning Monterey County) and you really don't have $39 to spare, we gotchu. Click on over to and check out our nifty, flashy "page turning" pretend digital paper that's just not as good, but better than nothing!