Ted Gargiulo

Ted has been a regular contributor to FT since 2010. His pieces have also appeared in The San Jose Mercury News, The Monterey County Herald, Wilde Times, The Gamut and The Fringe. Born in New York City, the former stage actor and retired postal worker lives with his wife in Seaside, California. So far, he has authored two volumes of fiction and a collection of essays, which are available on Amazon. Copies of his works have been flying off the shelf! Unfortunately, they all landed on the floor and had to be picked up.

Final Act

February 1, 2024
I’ve become increasingly skittish around stairs. I first noticed this eight years ago while we were staying with our daughter in Cleveland. Navigating her basement steps so unnerved me. They were amazingly steep, narrow, oddly precarious even with the lights on. I kept envisioning my poor, fragile self-passed out at the bottom, bleeding from a busted head, wife and daughter

Coronation Day

Originally, I was going to describe my trip to the dentist. Then I thought, how dull! Why would anyone want to read about that? There is nothing vaguely amusing, or scary, about a cracked molar. Stuff like that happens all the time. And apart from the resulting toothache that prompted
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