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February 1, 2024
Get out your National Geographic map of the world and pin it to the wall; then get your colored string or thread, and a box of push pins or thumb pins. We’ll start with an easy one, with only moderate conspiracy elements: New York to London. Benedict Arnold, who went from American Revolutionary general to traitor and exile in England,

Final Act

I’ve become increasingly skittish around stairs. I first noticed this eight years ago while we were staying with our daughter in Cleveland. Navigating her basement steps so unnerved me. They were amazingly steep, narrow, oddly precarious even with the lights on. I kept envisioning my poor, fragile self-passed out at


March 1, 2024
Signals are crucial to our wellbeing.  They govern our decisions, tell us when to approach, when to withdraw, when to swerve to avoid disaster, or to desist from making a bad situation worse.  It behooves us, therefore, to recognize them and (hopefully) learn from our missteps.  

Never Kiss A Saber Toothed Squirrel

March 1, 2024
It isn't often one sees a saber toothed squirrel. Of course, it isn't often one wants to see a saber toothed squirrel, but when one does see one it invariably leads to commentary. For instance: “Why the (bleep) does that squirrel have a saber tooth and how can he chew


March 1, 2024
I’ve been considering going somewhere.  I’m not quite sure where yet, but maybe Italy or Portugal to check out my ancestral roots, or to a Blue Zone where people live to be one hundred years old without really trying.   The thing is, I want to scout for that last place

Sheamus’ Rainbow

March 1, 2024
Sheamus Miramontes suddenly found himself in a rain shower lit by sunshine as he stood entranced looking at the beauty of the forest of trees in the hills surrounding the City of Monterey. It was an unusual day in Monterey in that it was a day whose sky was filled


March 1, 2024
As a middle-aged man working in London, William Shakespeare, writer, poet, and so on had a legal restraining order taken out against him, requiring that he not get close to William Wayte because of a conflict in which he was marginally involved.

Irish Family Saints, Cinema, Books, and Music

February 29, 2024
FAMILY SAINTS - The sainted grandfather I’m named after, Michael Patrick McGuire, followed his sister Brigit out of L'Isle-aux-Allumettes, Canada to the City to build houses on Cass St. and Lovers’ Point in Monterey. Roosevelt Democrat, he ran the Youth Conservation Corp in Yosemite until the Depression and TB did

Hairballs and Fridge Dolls

February 29, 2024
Author Hugh Prather said, “No matter what we talk about, we are talking about ourselves.” Whoa, nowhere to hide?? Normally I work with safety harness and a spotter, but I’ll start this off with a mention about the Victorian series, Miss Scarlet & the Duke, and its plot line of

Getting Old…

February 29, 2024
There is a new site for senior citizen dating. It’s called "I've fallen in love and I can't get up." Santa Cruz comic Richard Stockton gets a gig to perform at the Carmel Foundation.


February 29, 2024
Delivering food was one of my first jobs and one of my last. Because of my choices, there was a quest to find a woman to fall in love with a steady job who could help pay more than her share for the rent and didn’t mind that my degree

A World of Gerontocracy

February 29, 2024
One of the words that came up in my Wordsmith “A Word A Day” emails was “gerontocracy,” (jer-uhn-TOK-ruh-see) which means “The system of government by old people.” It didn’t specify how old the people would have to be to qualify for this word, but I’m guessing we already have this.
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