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Weinie Winters

April 12, 2024
Anyone who has spent any time in southern Alaska has noticed the high density of Wisconsiners living here (to avoid any violent misunderstandings and to remain socially correct, by “high density” I am referring to the percentage of population, not the thickness of their skulls). There is a disproportionally large population of them in town coming from a state with

Enrich Your Vocabulary IX

In eight prior issues of The Foolish Times , I have presented words given to me in the daily word-a-day vocabulary enrichments I receive, words I can’t see being used in present day. This month I continue this discussion and offer:

Eternal Lives

If you got past twenty-seven years old, you probably weren’t a rock


January 17, 2024
Elder orphan. Oh my God. No longer a boomer, a category that didn't depress me, but elder orphan? I fit the bill because I have no offspring and often not a lot of support. I do fine though. I sure could have used some help trying to decide if I

January Celebrations

January 17, 2024
Aside from New Year's Day (which is also National Hangover Day) and Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, there aren't very many holidays to celebrate in January. In fact, January seems to be hangover month-the major holidays are over and post holiday blues can set in. Still, I think you may

World Predictions 2024

December 1, 2023
According to The Guardian, next year will usher in the beginning of cashless biometric payments, akin to iPhone’s FaceID.  The truth is, your tired, aging mug will finally know what it’s like to empty out a bank account faster than an actual attractive face— with just one look.
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