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Get them Mosquitos! (Gophers too?)

February 1, 2024
“(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?” Nick Lowe, 1974 //Michael Houston and Mariachi de la Calle Take a look at yourself. But closer up than a live feed from space of dawn over the Pacific. A closer look! Look into your bathroom or compact mirror, not a targeting

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY -Send an Ether card!

February 1, 2024
The Other Worldly Report I’m not sending out Valentine’s cards this year. I’m sending Ether cards. And no, I didn’t confuse the holiday and no, I do not lisp. Read on. I recently heard “Robyn’s writing has changed.” It has. I have. I used to write funny stories about dating

Follow The Strings

February 1, 2024
Get out your National Geographic map of the world and pin it to the wall; then get your colored string or thread, and a box of push pins or thumb pins. We’ll start with an easy one, with only moderate conspiracy elements: New York to London. Benedict Arnold, who went

The Chucklehead Speaks – February

February 1, 2024
Sometimes, there is conflict between head and heart with fingertips and keyboard as the referee. Just like the NFL, this column is a rigged game to keep the audience engaged. Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday dedicated to devotion and love. A women’s brain is showing a looping, Academy Award

Final Act

February 1, 2024
I’ve become increasingly skittish around stairs. I first noticed this eight years ago while we were staying with our daughter in Cleveland. Navigating her basement steps so unnerved me. They were amazingly steep, narrow, oddly precarious even with the lights on. I kept envisioning my poor, fragile self-passed out at

Primaries, Poems & Party Games

February 1, 2024
Is it me, or do this year’s primaries have a nonsensical, Alice in Blunderland feel? New Hampshire is holding a Democratic primary without the incumbent president - and it doesn’t even count! Nevada’s Republican primary not only doesn’t count, but doesn’t include the four top runners. An “oops, your mic

Lean, Mean Caffeine

February 1, 2024
Inflatable snowmen and wise men lie sprawled across a yard, flat plastic casualties still awaiting the coroner. To tackle the cold, soggy cleanup, do the owners need more caffeine? Or less? Maybe the deflated carnage signals “We’re busy, dammit, pray for snow!” People are such weirdos… oh wait, I’m still

Windows, Temples, and Spooky Snots

February 1, 2024
Ironically, this common phrase comes straight from traditional Eskimo wisdom. I know, it seems wrong on so many counts, doesn’t it? Hey, that’s the miracle of it all. Still, “the devil is in the details,” and that window could be on a high-rise penthouse. This is why life is hard.
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