Get them Mosquitos! (Gophers too?)

February 1, 2024
2 mins read

“(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?”

Nick Lowe, 1974

//Michael Houston and Mariachi de la Calle

Take a look at yourself. But closer up than a live feed from space of dawn over the Pacific. A closer look! Look into your bathroom or compact mirror, not a targeting drones view of you in a war zone or winter street with a snowball about to whack your other cheek. Take a calm contemplative cinéma vérité look like Barbie discovering her cellulite.

See yourself in a loving way as others see you. As an ant under a magnifying glass would. A beauty looks at his/her botox. You with Jules Tavernier, Jules Simoneau, Robert Louis Stevenson and artists’ models raising a glass at the French Hotel, Houston Street, Monterey circa 1874.

Close up, you can see yourself as one of us. Likable, among friends and beloveds. You don’t look like those threatening others who are trying to destroy everything good and precious in our world to make it the hell hole of their dreams, the destruction of your world and everything we hold dear and precious.

You don’t look like a mosquito. That’s Really Other. They have their own kind to nurture them. They take pleasure in making our kind miserable. We don’t want to stick you with protazoa to eat your cell debris. We vote like you do. They want to sting you and leave flesh-eating bacteria and skin diseases. Unlike mosquitos we don’t want to give you migraines and viruses like Chikungunya. They want to leave you stooped with joint pain.

I get really angry when I think about what those dang mosquitos, human or otherwise, are doing to us. The somewhat mosquito-free America I’ve loved is under attack, and I’m angry enough to kill and not maim without mercy. I’ve had dengue, bone-breaker fever, twice, and I blame science and politicians who don’t agree with me for my life of headaches, swollen lymph glands, pain in the joints, muscle pain, skin rash, nausea, bleeding from the soft tissues, bruisablity, and vomiting.

Lock and load! I’ve bought my electric flying insect killer pickleball racket to defend myself and my family, and I’m not afraid to use it.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it or leave it! I’ve got screens on my home and car windows. I walk and cycle in bee keeper attire. If the Supreme Court would let me, I’d put mosquito nets in the razor wire on our borders and coastlines.

I’m not going to sit idly by and let Yellow fever, Zika virus, Malaria, Japanese encephalitis, Lymphatic filariasis, Leishmaniasis, helminths tapeworms, roundworms,their flukes in our livers, gallbladders, and bile ducts. I’ll be there on the beach with you and our M16s locked and loaded and our Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper, Mosquito Electric Killer, Electric Insect Rackets USB charged up.

On our watch, frigging Malaria, the deadliest Arthropod-borne disease in the world, won’t take 250 million casualties and 2 million fatalities this year. It’s a foreign disease and, stay out of our god-given country along with any globalist traitors that would bring it home.

Some science journal says that we can get together, but it’s going to take Othering, Aversion, and Moralization to do it. You’re threatened. GET EMOTIONAL! WE’RE ONLY GENETICALLY PROGRAMED TO STRIKE WHEN SENSE THAT WE MIGHT BE IN DANGER.

Them enraging mosquitos and you despicable others who don’t dress like us, hang with us, and congregate exclusively with us won’t know what hit em. Polarize today! Be uncivil. To heck with compromise and social safety nets, compassion, democracy and fiscal responsibility. Strike while the fire is hot and VOTE YOUR FEELINGS, especially anger.

Support your local and international arms makers and dealers, toxic insecticide promoter developers, and every branch insect repellant and vermin trapping industries. Together we can defeat harmful insects, gophers, and globalist traitor eco- pacifists.

Now you know what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding.

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