Fix It Again, Tony!

February 29, 2024
2 mins read
//Daria James


March is here, the birds are singing and all that jazz. Hello allergies of mine. It’s been a while. Moving on for now. 

The other day the 25th anniversary of The Sopranos popped on my feed and I went oh, this show, sure I’ll click it. Now, for the record, I have never seen the show, ever, but I do remember the big fuzz about it back in the day.  Unlike those better than thou I’vE nEvEr sEeN GoT (Game of Thrones) people, I’ve never felt pride on not seen a single episode of the show.  Back in the day, I was young, didn’t speak a lot of English and we couldn’t afford HBO. Then I got busy learning to be a young independent adult, that took up a lot of my time. Anyway, back to Tony Soprano. 

Many people are a direct product of their environment, some raise above, like a lotus flower, or Khaleesi the breaker of chains, and stealer of hearts, ayo! Sorry, I digress. That’s life, and some continue to live the only way they now how to survive. 

Sure, Tony is not perfect, he’s a bad guy, like a really tough guy, but he is trying, ok? Look, he is going to therapy in the late 90’s, mental health wasn’t a thing then and it was definitely not a thing for mobsters, people have gotten clipped for less, and I am learning new phrases here.  Then his family is more complicated to deal with than the rest of his crime crew.  Coming from someone who grew up in a dysfunctional family and went to therapy and now raising a teenager, organized crime seems easier to troubleshoot (some pun intended) and deal with their day-to-day challenges.  Perhaps if I had watched the show when I was young and single, I would have a different perspective of the guy. Parenting changes you.  

Being number one is not easy, there is a lot of pressure, Tony is taking medications.  He handles the situations to the best of his ability. Yeah, he loses his temper sometimes, but I bet you would do the same if your family enjoys the benefits of the hard work you do to put food on the table and keep a nice roof over their heads yet dare judge how you make a living while not contributing anything.  

One of Tony’s sisters moved away from the family and is living a normal life, Tony was not given a choice, he took on his dad’s legacy because the mob life chose him! Nevertheless, Tony tries to be a good friend and goes to great lengths to help. Might’ve blown up a restaurant to help his friend, but see, he did it for a good cause. A little unorthodox, perhaps.  

Then again, I am only on season three, by season six, I might not feel the same but for now, this is enough. 

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