More Passion, huh!!

April 12, 2024
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Hello Friends!
The year is picking up, spring allergies are here, the snow should be melting, and the temperatures are
As I have gotten older, I have realized the importance of having hobbies, not just browsing the forsaken
internet, that’s bad for your head. I thought I didn’t have hobbies and was going to get some, but then I
thought about it. I have hobbies that have another purpose as well. For instance, I bike and yes I think
it’s fun but also I need to keep up with cardio and fulfill military physical requirements. I like to write,
but I also do it for my fans. I go to the gym, but that is for less fun and more keeping my weight so the
military doesn’t tell me I am a chunker. Guess I am all for twofers and also, that’s what she said.
There was a coffee phase with French press and learning about the roast, now I drink tea and I did
research on that as well, dang it, I did it again. Ok, what about running on the beach? I do enjoy that,
great for leg strength and stamina. It helps reduce stress, fresh air and people watching. I am not ready
to commit to a 5K or some type of race, I do work on running to better for myself bettering my run-time.
Hobbies require some monetary resources and dedication from us, but we should make a budget and do
things that make us happy and help our mental and physical health. Invest in yourself, invest in your
body, but not like a Kardashian. I miss jogging the Monterey trails, Carmel beach, and the Wharf. I need
to get some sponsors. Hahaha… just kidding, unless someone wants to sponsor a semi-starving artist. #ballinonabudget #jokescostmoney

As the weather gets better, take your allergy pill and go enjoy the outdoors, take a walk, listen to the
words of wiser people, apply the advice that works for you and discard the rest. As you start to do and
be better, share your journey with others.

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